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dog mom shirt
dog mom af t-shirt
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Dog Mom AF Shirt

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Beautiful Dog Mom AF Shirt

If you are a dog mom who loves her four-legged friend, go for a walk and pet him every day. Then you are a dog mom AF and can wear this t-shirt. It will not only make you happy but, also your friends and family when you walk around with this shirt, because they know that you are a dog mom who deserves this shirt.

Even if it is sometimes a little difficult, because he is once again walking with dirty paws through the kitchen and everything is full of mud. Or you have to remove the fur from everything. But in the future, the cleaning of the dog makes a little more fun, if you can cuddle with this beautiful shirt afterwards with your dog. It doesn't matter what kind of dog you have whether it's a Labrador, Bulldog, German Shepherd or a Husky. This shirt is for everyone that loves dogs and treat them as if they were their own children. Because in a certain way they are. You have to take care of them and look after them if they are barking again.

Premium T-Shirt Quality

  • All shirts are made of 100% cotton. (Sport Grey and Dark Heather contain polyester)
  • High quality print with very strong colors that make the t-shirt design stand out.
  • Lightweight fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear, you will love it!
  • Unisex shirt so everyone can wear it.

Size Guide

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length (Worldwide) (inches) 28 29 ¼ 30 ¼ 31 ¼ 32 ½ 33 ½
Width (Worldwide) (inches) 18 20 22 24 26 28
Length (East Asia) (inches) 26 ⅜ 27 ½ 28 ¾ 29 ½ 30 ¼
Width (East Asia) (inches) 18 ½ 19 ¾ 20 ⅞ 22 23 ¼
  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length (Worldwide) (cm) 71 74 77 79 83 85
Width (Worldwide) (cm) 46 51 56 61 66 71
Length (East Asia) (cm) 67 70 73 75 77 0
Width (East Asia) (cm) 47 50 53 56 59 0

Perfect Gift For Dog Moms

Everyone loves dogs, but not everyone can afford one or has enough time or space to keep one. But everyone knows at least knows one person who takes very good care of her dog. Goes every day for a walk with their four-legged friend or just play with it. This dog mom AF shirt is the perfect gift for everyone who takes really good care of their dog.

Don't be like the most people and get something boring like a gift card. This Tee is something original and personal. Because for many people their dog is something very important and acknowledging that, with a cool gift, makes everyone happy.

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