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Brindle Pug Shirt

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Beautiful Brindle Pug T-Shirt

Brindle Pugs are some of the most adorable variants of Pugs. This breed got its name from the brindled coat pattern of the dog. Instead of having a solid color, the coat pattern is a light brown coat with patterned black markings.

This coat pattern is definitely unique and special because it takes a special type of breeding skill to make the pattern come out and to retain it in the offsprings.

Overall, a brindle Pug is a loveable Dog. It is a ball of energy, playfulness, and loyalty to its owners. It is also the perfect size for cuddling on the couch. Pugs are best known for their love of snuggling against their owners, and brindle Pugs are no exception.

Premium T-Shirt Quality

  • All shirts are made of 100% cotton. (Sport Grey and Dark Heather contain polyester)
  • High quality print with very strong colors that make the t-shirt design stand out.
  • Lightweight fabric that is extremely comfortable to wear, you will love it!
  • Unisex shirt so everyone can wear it.

Size Guide

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length (Worldwide) (inches) 28 29 ¼ 30 ¼ 31 ¼ 32 ½ 33 ½
Width (Worldwide) (inches) 18 20 22 24 26 28
Length (East Asia) (inches) 26 ⅜ 27 ½ 28 ¾ 29 ½ 30 ¼
Width (East Asia) (inches) 18 ½ 19 ¾ 20 ⅞ 22 23 ¼
  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Length (Worldwide) (cm) 71 74 77 79 83 85
Width (Worldwide) (cm) 46 51 56 61 66 71
Length (East Asia) (cm) 67 70 73 75 77 0
Width (East Asia) (cm) 47 50 53 56 59 0

The Perfect Gift For Brindle Pug Lovers

Do you have a friend or loved one who owns a brindle Pug? Then you know exactly what to get them for any upcoming special occasion! This special breed deserves to be shown off in the best way possible.

This is a great gift idea because it’s something that dog lovers will surely appreciate. Watch as their faces light up into a smile when they see their unique pet’s face printed on the shirt!

Who says this is only a gift for other people? You may get this for yourself as a special treat and as a way to level up your love and appreciation for your beloved animal.

Beautiful Brindle Dog Illustration

The best part about this shirt is the artwork that depicts the brindle Pug. The art accurately depicts all of the striking features that make this type of Pug unique and special. You’ll notice the unique coat pattern, adorable eyes, remarkable snout, and overall lovable face.

The shirt artwork is a high-quality print that is placed on an equally high-quality shirt. All of the colors are vibrant so every single detail pops up to feature this beloved dog breed.

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